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Youth Baseball Edge Podcast with Xan Barksdale

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Written By
Xan Barksdale

I was recently a guest on Rob Tong’s podcast Youth Baseball Edge.

Click on each image below to listen to the show.


In this 39-minute episode, you’ll learn:

  • what a major league tryout is like
  • what’s wrong with the term “framing”
  • why be a catcher when the position is so physically demanding
  • whether catching presents a better opportunity to make it to the big leagues
  • what age a kid is recommended to consider specializing at catcher
  • how much politics is involved in the minor leagues with an undrafted catcher
  • whether to teach catchers to put their arm behind their back when receiving pitches
  • how to teach the position to 9-12 year olds
  • what the key physical mechanics of catching
  • the difference stances involved
  • the priority of aspects to teach 9-12 year-old catchers, and what to emphasize in practices
  • whether it’s worthwhile to practice throws to second when passed balls & wild pitches are common
  • whether it’s a waste to have a strong catcher if wild pitches are common in your league

In this 42-minute episode, you’ll learn:

  • whether the catcher or the coach should call the pitches (the answer is not what you’d expect!)
  • if 9-12 year-old catchers should bother calling for location
  • whether catchers should take a big or small step towards second base when trying to throw out a stealer
  • what three things high school catchers need to focus on, and in what order
  • the art of calling pitches
  • the priority of aspects to teach high school catchers
  • a tip to help receive pitches properly, and a drill to teach that
  • where to find other helpful catcher drills
  • a tip for catchers in bullpen sessions
  • how to help catchers improve their ability to throw out runners, including footwork to watch for
  • a tip to help catchers improve their consistency in throwing to the ideal spot near the base
  • when catchers should have mound meetings with their pitchers, and what they should say
  • how to encourage young kids or shy kids to assume more of a leadership role
  • two catcher metrics that should be captured, and a recommended pitcher-catcher relationship metric to track
Written By
Xan Barksdale


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