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7 Videos of the Runner Jumping Over the Catcher

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Written By
Xan Barksdale

This is a post on what NOT to do!  Here are 7 plays where the baserunner jumps over the catcher to safely touch home plate.

These are definitely unique plays and I can guarantee you that none of these catchers were expecting the runner to jump over them.  That’s why we always have to be prepared for anything!

Leave a comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!

1.  You will want to fast forward to 0:54 to see the play.  Notice how after the play the umpire doesn’t make any call…that should mean that no play was made because the catcher didn’t tag the runner, and the runner didn’t touch home plate.  Which means that the play is still live.  The catcher should have gone back to tag the runner after he missed him the first time.

2.  Now, this is a youngster so I’m not going to critique him too harshly, but he’s in terrible position to tag a runner.  Maybe if he had been in fair territory and slightly up the line this wouldn’t have happened?

3.  Again, another young guy so I’ll try to take it easy on him.  Notice that he doesn’t really want any part of the play and ducks his head and tries to tag him with one hand.  Remember to ALWAYS get in proper position so that we can get the out and stay safe!

4.  To quote one of my favorite movies (Christmas Vacation), I think this catcher “wouldn’t have been more surprised if he woke up with his head sewn to the carpet.”

5.  It doesn’t just happen in Little League and college baseball, here is Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals jumping over Brayan Pena of the Cincinnati Reds.

6.  This is a good example of what not to do after a tag.  The first baseman almost loses his mind because he knows the catcher should go back and tag the runner after the missed tag.  And he’s right!

7.  Possibly the most athletic play on the entire list, it’s hard to not be impressed when you watch this runner avoid the tag.

Written By
Xan Barksdale


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Justin Sampson

In the first video... it appears that is a high school game. Under NFHS rules a runner may not leap over a defender unless the defender is laying on the ground. The runner should have been called out.


How about the ump in the first video. No safe sign call ... ever.

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