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I have gotten a lot of questions lately about workouts, nutrition, and what supplements/vitamins to take so I thought I would add a page to Catching-101 about it. I am going to gather my information and put it all on this page. If you have any questions, or want to any information on a specific subject (how many times a week to work out, what exercises to not do, pre-hab, etc.) please email me and let me know and I’ll try to answer them.

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a workout for a baseball player…specifically a catcher. Baseball players are strength athletes which means that we need to train our muscles to be as strong as they can be. However, baseball is different from other sports because we play more games than anyone else. A Major League season consists of Spring Training, 162 regular season games, and then the post-season. Baseball players play twice as many games as the second closest sport!

We have to be in excellent shape for two reasons:

  1. The better physical shape that we’re in, we’ll perform better. There is no such thing as being too quick, too fast, or too strong! If we make our bodies stronger we will be able to run faster, hit the ball further, and throw the ball with more velocity…all of which sound pretty good!
  2. We are less prone to getting injured if we are in great shape. A lot of injuries can be prevented if we work hard in the gym. You are less likely to pull a muscle if that muscle has been worked out and fed the proper nutrients. No one wants to sit on the bench while they’re team is playing because of an injury, so get on a workout program that will get you in the best shape of your life!

I have posted my off season workout book from 2006 when I was with the Atlanta Braves. Click Here to go to my “Downloads” page to download it for FREE! It has some very valuable information in there that can benefit any baseball player, but this book was designed for catchers!

I also posted my workout book from 2003 (my Junior year at Ole Miss). This will give some of you an inside look at what college workouts look like. Click Here to download it.

Strength Training for Youth Athletes

I have developed a strength program specifically for youth athletes (ages 10-18) with the help of Eric Hammer C.S.C.S. This is a 16 week strength training course that is a great starting point for athletes who want to begin to workout or for athletes who want to get on a very regimented program. I put A LOT of time and effort into building this program and it will benefit all young athletes!

Big League Nutrition


One of the most overlooked areas by athletes of all ages is their nutrition. Nutrition can make a good athlete great, or a great athlete good! In baseball there are so few things that we have control over, however, how we fuel our bodies isn’t one of them! I collaborated on this book about nutrition with nationally known pitching coach Kyle Bunn, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Matt Landreth. We will show you how, what, when, and where to eat to properly fuel your body for peak performance.

Recommended Supplements

When I am picking out a supplement I have 3 questions: Does it work? Is it safe? How does it taste?  The only supplements I take are made by AdvoCare because I know that they meet the 3 requirements of actually working, being safe, and tasting great.

Of the three, the most important factor is without a doubt safety!  I’m sure that you’ve heard countless stories over the past few years about athletes failing drug tests.  Some of the failed drug tests are related to anabolic steroids, and others are caused by NCAA or professional athletes buying supplements at the local supplement store that they “think” are safe.  AdvoCare guarantees that their supplements are banned substance free because they’re all tested by an organization called Informed Choice.  Click below to watch the Informed Choice video.

Remember, supplements are a great way to put additional vitamins/minerals/nutrients into your body, but in no way are they mean to replace meals and a healthy diet. Try to consume the majority of your nutrients through your diet and use supplements to aid that. Example: You should try to consume the majority of your protein through lean protein sources (egg whites, chicken, tuna, etc.) however, most guys who are trying to pack on muscle need more protein throughout the day so protein bars/shakes are a great option. Pack a protein bar in your lunch, or put some protein powder in a shaker bottle and put it in your backpack. In between classes, fill it with water and you’ve got an extra 20g of protein!

I have personally tried EVERY supplement listed on this page!

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AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge

The 24-Day challenge is one of the most popular supplement “stacks” in sports right now.  It’s comprised of a 10-day cleansing period, and then two weeks of fast muscle building.  I try to do it once or twice per year and then stay on my regular regimine of Muscle Gain and Spark all the time.  If you want to change your body composition fast, you need to try the 24-Day Challenge!

Click Here for more information on the 24-Day Challenge

AdvoCare Muscle Gain

Click Here to learn more about AdvoCare Muscle Gain

AdvoCare Spark

Of all the supplements I take, Spark is by far my favorite.  It’s pretty easy to get run down during a baseball season.  There are long office hours, double headers, and tons of driving to watch recruits play.  I keep Spark in my car and in my office so that I can have a healthy energy drink when I need a boost of caffeine.  I used to drink tons of Mountain Dew and Monster energy drinks, but those are both full of sugar and absolutely terrible for you.  I feel so much better after switching from those energy drinks to Spark!

Click Here to find out more about my favorite product from AdvoCare, Spark!

AdvoCare Catalyst

My strength gains have gone through the roof since I started using Catalyst.

AdvoCare ThermoPlus

AdvoCare ThermoPlus is my go-to product when I need to ramp up my metabolism.

AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse

A few times each year I’ll go through an herbal cleanse.  This helps rid your body of all the toxins and bad stuff that stays in your system.  It lasts for 10 days and makes you feel great afterwards.  I recommend doing this every few months…it’s amazing how much better you feel afterwards!

An herbal cleanse is a great idea for anyone who wants overall wellness.

AdvoCare OmegaPlex

Fish Oils are possibly the most important supplement you can take.  Check them out for more info.

AdvoCare Slam

I usually drink Spark when I need a shot of energy, but sometimes it’s easier to take a Slam.  They’re convenient to keep in your briefcase, backpack, or car and they really make you come alive.  They don’t have all the unnecessescary ingredients that 5-Hour Energy has so you don’t have to worry about putting that extra junk into your body.

If I get tired while I’m driving or just need a shot of energy, I always go with a Slam.

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