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The 10 Best Catching Gifs on the Internet

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Written By
Xan Barksdale

Everybody loves gifs!  Well, maybe everybody doesn’t love them, but I do so I’ve decided to share my top 10 catching gifs I could find on the Internet:

If your favorite one didn’t make the list leave a comment below and let me know where to find it!

(The page may take a few moments to load because there are 10 videos so please be patient)

10: Catcher Makes Unbelievable Catch On Foul Ball


9: Catcher Takes Out Runner


8: Matt Pagnozzi Spikes a Ball to the Backstop


7: Wellington Castillo Takes Foul Ball to the Cup


6: Padres Bullpen Catcher Makes Unbelievable Snag


5: Foul Ball Hits Catcher and Umpire


4: Kelly Shoppach Makes the Worst Throw Ever


3: Francisco Cervelli Gets Hit in the Junk


2: Sparks Fly off Catcher’s Mask on Foul Ball


1: Brian McCann Takes a Foul Ball Off His Crotch


Written By
Xan Barksdale


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. Wack it in the pre-heated oven at 200C for under 5 minutes. My own take on the procedure is that after I took out the mee/detsoftenld perspex I quickly placed it over a rolling pin and got a perfectly shaped cuff. I used a 11*16 piece to get the desired result. Safety must be considered!!!! the softened perspex is very hot do not touch it with bare hands! :) I will send you some pictures later in PM.


2, 3, 7, 10...look where the throwing hand is. Luckily no broken bones. 8 looks like fist behind the glove.

Coach Xan

John, Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you're interested in the "how" and "why" of catching, which is great! That is the type information that I cover in my book and DVD...they would both be good resource for you to learn from!


Dear Xan... They are nice almost PICTURES.... I think that the Coaches and Instructors like and MANY MANY MANY others besides Players...would like to Receive From You and another Catching Instructors is real good VideoClips Catching Instructionals From Where To Learn More An More... , if it is POSIBLE... ,they are nice short movement Pictures...Just To see...But Not From WHERE TO LEARN NEW CATCHING SYSTEMS...OR for example the point that NONE INSTRUCTOR TEACH : HOW...WHY...TO HANDLE PITCHERS AND HITTERS...WHY TO ASK THIS OR THAT PITCH...WHY..., ; HOW AND WHY TO MOVE THE INFIELDERS AND OUTFIELDERS WITH EACH HITTER...AND THE GAME SITUATION....SINCE START THE GAME UNTIL IT FINISH...SINCE THE MORE IMPORTANT AND TOUGH OUT TO GET ITB IS THE # 27.... Personally I'd loke to watch your Instructional VideoClips...and others ofREALLY GOOD ACTUAL OR FORMER CATCHERS AND NOW CATCHING COACHES...OR CATCHING INSTRUCTORS...NOT ONLY THE MECHANICS OF THE POSITION THE MENTAL GAME OF CATCHERS....AS HOW TO DEAL CERTAIN HITTER...WHAT TO ASK AND SAY TO YOUR PITCHER THROWING THE GAME...SINCE EACH ONE HITTERS and PITCHERS...,that is a vast and COMPLEX INSTRUCTION...THAT NO ONE CATCHING INSTRUCTOR TEACHES... Xan...SINCERELLY A FRIEND FROM : Guayaquil,Ecuador - South America.... Yours in Baseball..... John KEL.. (tomorrow I'll be 67 y.o. ,with more than 55 of them,devoted in a way or another to My Passion....BASEBALL... I'D LIKE TO HAVE YOUR BOOK AND VIDEO ON CATCHING...I tell you this as "BASEBALL INSTRUCTIONALS RAISER "....NOT MONEY...BUT BASEBALL INSTRUCTIONALS YES...EVEN THEY ARE USED...COPIES... JUST IN CONDITION TO HAVE AND WATCH...AND READ FROM THEM... Xan...IF YOU DECIDE TO HELP ME AND OUR BASEBALL IN ECUADOR-SOUTH AMERICA I'VE a friend of mine who has an Office in Miami and city...his work consist in bring things...and Merchandise for Ecuadorian Customers...Consolidating the Merchandise...and the small things like the Instructionals he send with people who comes here...or himself,since he usually spend 15 days in Miami...and 15 days at home here in Guayaquil,where he has his office at Home... Just think about may be helping to our Baseball this way..since the American Instructionals ARE NOT EASY AFFORDABLE TO GET FOR THE PRICE OF THEM AND THE SHIPPING.... ,Fortunately I have him as Friend...his son 14-15 y.o. is a Prospect...he earnt a Scholarship by his good Baeball the Columbus HighSchool... his name is CHRIS BOHRER...his father is STEVE BOHRER...Ecuadorians...but sons of a former usa ballplayer that lived many years in my Country... XAN...Please pardom me for extending to a very large comment.... ,say YES...AND WITH GREAT PLEASURE I SEND TO YOU THE ADDRESS IN MIAMI OF THE STEVE OFFICE... Any way...many thanks for your time and interest breading this Coach/Instructor in ECUADOR.... REGARDS...GOD BLESS YOU...AND MANY THANKS....

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