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New Year, New Goals in 2014

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Written By
Xan Barksdale

New Year’s resolutions have a bad connotation associated with them primarily because very few people follow through with a plan of action.  What I want to do with this blog is give you a plan for achieving your goals in 2014.

If you want  this year to be different (and actually have a chance at reaching your New Year’s resolutions) follow these few steps:

  1. Write your goals down – Write your goals down and place them some place visible where you will be reminded of them often.  I like to use sticky notes and place them on my car dashboard, bathroom mirror, in the refrigerator, and on my laptop monitor.  This constantly reminds me of my goals.  You know the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind?”  Well, never let your goals out of your sight or out of your mind!
  2. Tell other people about your goals – A lot of people are scared of sharing their goals with others because they feel like they’re being arrogant, scared they’ll be embarrassed if they don’t reach them, or just plain don’t want others to know.  When you let other people know what your goals are you’re more likely to accomplish them because you will feel social pressure that if “I don’t reach my goals, now everyone knows!”  That’s actually a good thing because now you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable!
  3. Set an end date for your goals – A goal without a timeline is just a wish.  Whatever your goals are, set them to dates so that you can track your progress.  If you want to lose 20lbs don’t say “I want to lose 20lbs this year.”  A year is a long time and you’re sure to lose focus at some point.  Instead say “I want to lose 1lb/week and I should reach my goal before the end of May.”
  4. Work towards your goals EVERY DAY – It isn’t always quite as simple as it sounds, but do something every day to help yourself reach your goals.  Some days you may make large advances, and others you may only make tiny advances towards your goal, but never make zero advances.  Even if it means waking up 10 minutes early and going to bed 10 minutes late make time to spend on your goals!

If you can follow these 4 steps I promise you will have a successful 2014!

I told you that it’s good to share your goals with others, so I’m going to share mine with you.  Here they are:

  1. Repeat as 2014 A-Sun Champions
  2. Write a blog entry 2x month
  3. Complete a half marathon before the end of the year

Leave a comment below and let me know what your goals are!

Written By
Xan Barksdale


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Jake Potter

1. Receive the starting catcher job on Varsity as a sophomore. 2. Make 2nd team all section. 3. Have the best batting average on my travel team by the end of the summer season.

Cade roberts

My New Years goals are -throwing at least 20 fools out -getting all Good grades in all subjects -reading catching-101 and taking it to heart P.s your book is great !?!?!?!!!??!????!!

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