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Written By
Xan Barksdale

The long awaited Catching-101 DVD is almost here!  The official release date is February 10, 2014 and it will be offered at a discounted price if you order within the first three days.


I started the website about 5 years ago because I love everything about catching, but have always had a hard time finding good, quality, instructional material for catchers.  The idea, and website, started small with a few videos of drills posted on YouTube.  Now, over 1 million views later, the most important video I will ever release is almost ready for the public to finally see.

The Catching-101 DVD is 3 hours and 37 minutes long and covers every skill that a catcher will need to be proficient at in order to have a successful career.

One unique feature of the Catching-101 DVD is that it will feature a player wearing a #CatcherCam.  This will give the viewers at home the perspective from an actual catcher going through the drills as I explain them.

If you would like me to send you an email reminder when the DVD is available enter your name and email address at the top of this page.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you’re looking forward to watching the DVD!

Written By
Xan Barksdale


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Xan, Very much worth the wait. I think the only thing you missed was catching a ceremonial first pitch. You can have all the flame-throwers you want but if you don't have a good receiver it doesn't matter. Maybe a Little League version is next as Catcher's are so hard to find, I think with your style you could make it "cool" to catch. Larry

Pat K

I have the book and now the DVD. I have the kindle book so I hand my phone to them when they wonder why we do it that way not the way they used to do it. I love the dvd, Xan explains why and doesn't just show you what. I have sat through a lot of group and private catching lessons in the past 4 years. I am amazed how much I didn't know. I thought the DVD would be a lot of the same drills on youtube. It isn't. A lot more teaching than doing. Xan does a great job of explaining how tag plays NEED to be done in the DVD. In youth baseball kids do what they see on ESPN and umpires fail to enforce youth rules. Thus, kid catchers get run over. I can't change the game so the 15 minutes on tag plays is worth the cost of the dvd. My only suggestion would be a digital download version. Then I could hand a tablet to one parent to watch the DVD while another reads the book on my phone.

Coach Xan

Jason, Thanks so much for your kind words. These are the stories that I absolutely LOVE to hear. Please tell your son to keep working hard and he can accomplish anything he wants in baseball!

Coach Xan

Thanks Kevin, I really appreciate that. I really enjoy sharing the things that I've learned throughout the years and I'm glad to know that it shows.

Jason Brown

Coach I am honestly thankful that my son and I found your Catching 101 book and later Throwing Mechanics to Second Base Dvd. It help my son improve his skill beyond what I thought a book and Dvd could do. I really believe the Catching 101 Dvd will take him to the next level. Baseball needs more coaches like you and I recommend all your instructional products to players and parents.


Really looking forward to its release!! You do a great job on all of your videos! Thanks.

Joseph Medlen

Looking forward to this release! Been following you for years!

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