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Thank You for Ordering The Catching Mat!

Your Catching Mat order has been received, please watch this short video for IMPORTANT information about your purchase!

A few additional notes about your Catching Mat:

  1. Please make sure that you correctly chose “residential” or “business” address.  If you selected “business” but you entered a residential shipping address contact us immediately because there will be issues with the delivery.
  2. All Catching Mats will be delivered FedEx and you will receive shipping and delivery notifications through their system.
  3. Do NOT wear cleats/spikes on the Catching Mat.  We recommend turf/tennis shoes only so that you do not damage the mat.
  4. The Catching Mat will arrive folded in a box.  We recommend taking it out and letting it lie flat or rolling it up to remove any wrinkles/creases.

(If video doesn’t play automatically please press play button)

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