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The Tank

Extend the Life of Your Mitt
and keep it in perfect shape!

Why would anyone spend $300-400 on a catcher’s mitt?

Because it’s the most important piece of gear you own, right!?

But, if it’s really your most important tool why would you throw it in the bottom of your catcher’s bag after a game or practice and let it get beat up?

You spend hours and hours giving it that perfect shape so that it feels just right on your hand and the pocket is just the way you like.

Then when you’re done with practice you throw it in the bottom of your bag so that it gets dirty, musty, and malformed.

You wouldn’t dare do that with a pair of $99 sunglasses…you’d put them in a case to make sure they don’t get damaged.  But, people do it every day with the most expensive piece of equipment they own…their mitt!

Now you don’t have to!

The Tank protects your mitt from losing it’s shape and helps prevent it from getting damaged.

Placing your mitt in The TANK is a perfect way to help extend the life so that you can get extra years of use before having to replace it.

Maybe the most important thing that The TANK does though is helps preserve your mitt and helps it keep the perfect shape.

Sometimes catchers spend months breaking in their mitt so that it fits their hand just right and so that the pocket is exactly how they want it.  Then, once guys start using it in practice and games it gets damaged and that means two things: it doesn’t perform as well as it should, and it has to be replaced frequently.

The TANK helps solve both of these problems!

Who is The TANK for?

Professional players love The TANK because it helps them keep their mitt protected when they’re traveling on busses and airplanes, and because their mitt is the most important thing they use to earn a living.

But, amateur players can also benefit from using The TANK.


If you’re serious about catching and want to take care of your most valuable tool then this will help you do that.

The Tank

You work hard to give you mitt the perfect shape.
The TANK keeps it that way.