Spin Trainer

Improve Backspin, Carry, and Accuracy

Better Backspin = Better Velocity, Accuracy, and Carry!

I’m excited to release my newest product…the Spin Trainer ball! The Spin Trainer gives instant visual feedback so that the thrower can see how the ball is releasing off of his fingertips and then make any necessary adjustments.

Throwing the baseball with proper backspin can help create:

  • Higher Velocity
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Better Carry

When throwing a regulation baseball, many players have difficulty seeing exactly how the ball is spinning…because baseballs are round they just look like spheres flying through the air.

The Spin Trainer makes it easy for players to see these two things every single time they throw:

  1. Spin Axis – Because the Spin Trainer is flat on the sides it allows the thrower to see the exact axis that the ball is rotating on.  Example: If you look at the looping video below you’ll see the ball spinning on a 6:12 axis which is perfectly vertical.

    It’s important to note that the ball does not have to rotate perfectly straight up and down every time!  Most catchers don’t throw perfectly “over the top” and have a lower arm slot than what you might expect.  If you’re throwing a Spin Trainer and it’s rotating along the 7:1 axis that’s perfectly acceptable!

  2. Spin Efficiency – The other thing that Spin Trainers are great for are showing players how tightly their ball is rotating.  (AKA spin efficiency) There is a simple rule when it comes to spin efficiency…the tighter, the better.

    When the ball flies “wobbly” that let’s the player know that at release his fingertips were on the side of the baseball instead of behind it.  That means that he is inefficiently applying force to the ball and he’s losing velocity and accuracy because of it.

How To Use Spin Trainer Balls

Spin Trainers are extremely easy to use, but here are a few tips that will give you the best results…

Start Your Catch Play with Spin Trainers

I recommend that players start their catch play with spin trainers every day.  Just like many players need a few swings in the cage to get ready to hit on the field, throwing a Spin Trainer first can help players get their arm slot and release point dialed in before beginning long toss.

Use Your Spin Trainer Every Day You Throw

Throwing the Spin Trainer is no more taxing than throwing a regulation baseball so it doesn’t add any stress to a player’s arm.  This means that you can throw it every day with no downside.

Listen To What It’s Telling You

The Spin Trainer will tell you everything that you need to know simply by paying attention to it!  

Is it spinning on the desired axis?  If yes, great!  If no, make an adjustment to your arm slot on the next throw.

Is it spinning tightly?  If yes, great!  If no, focus on staying “behind the baseball” on your next throw and try to make it spin as efficiently as possible.

Rinse and repeat!

Spin Trainer Specs

Size: 9″ Circumference (same as a regulation baseball)
Weight: 5oz (same as a regulation baseball)
Color: White with Red Seams (same visual experience as a real baseball)
Material: Synthetic Leather
Quantity: Spin Trainers are Sold Individually (quantity discount available when purchasing multiple)

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Spin Trainer Balls:
Improve Your Backspin Immediately!

Spin Trainers are trusted by MLB and NCAA Division I coaches and players.
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