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All-Star Anvil Training Mitt

All-Star Sports Anvil Training Mitt has 2lbs of weights inside it to help catchers train stronger hands and forearms. Learn More


Signal Stickers

Now the pitcher can ALWAYS see the catcher's signs! Learn More


All-Star 29″ Focus Framer

This mitt is great for higher velocity training in bullpens or from a pitching machine. Learn More


The Tank

You work hard to give your mitt the perfect shape. The Tank keeps it that way. Learn More


All Star Equalizer Training Mitt

This training mitt is designed to force catchers to catch in the pocket and not the web. Learn More


Catcher’s Thumb

The original Thumb Protector developed by Xan Barksdale. Don't buy one of the imitations, get the Catcher's Thumb! Learn More


Pack of 2 Catcher’s Thumbs

Sale! Save 29% when you order a backup Catcher's Thumb now! Learn More


X Cannon Cover

One size fits most players 14+. Learn More


X Wrist Guard

One size fits most players 14+. Learn More