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Power Bands

Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength Training On The Go

What are Power Bands?

X Bands Power Bands are heavy duty resistance bands made out of 100% Natural Latex.  These bands are used by strength coaches and trainers in the NCAA, MiLB, and MLB.

Power Bands come in 3 different sizes/strengths:

  • Yellow = 12-30lb Resistance
  • Green = 30-50lb Resistance
  • Orange = 30-85lb Resistance

What are Power Bands Used for?

A better question would be “What aren’t Power Bands used for?”

These will be the most versatile tool you keep in your catching bag because they can be used for countless (literally) purposes.  I use them most often for:

  • Hip Mobility and Flexibility
  • Ankle Mobility and Flexibility
  • Core Strengthening
  • Balance and Stability Exercises

Power Bands allow you to stretch (or get a full body workout) at the field, in the locker room, or even in your living room.

Have Questions about Power Bands?

X Bands: Power Bands

These are the best way to improve hip and ankle mobility, stretching, or full body workouts.