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Mini Loops

The Easiest Way to Strengthen Hips and Glutes

What are Mini Loops?

X Bands Mini Loops are 100% Natural Latex resistance bands that have many purposes, but are primarily used to strengthen hips, glutes, and ankles.

Mini Loops come in a set of 3:

  • Yellow = Light Resistance
  • Green = Medium Resistance
  • Orange = Heavy Resistance

What are Mini Loops used for?

Similar to Power Bands, Mini Loops have lots of different uses.  I’ve found that they’re primarily best for hip abductor, hip adductor, and glute training.  However, they’re also useful for catching-specific drills too.

Mini Loops are durable, and can easily fit inside any baseball or training bag.  Truly a MUST for catchers.

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X Bands: Mini Loops

Strengthen you hips and glutes using Mini Bands.