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From: Xan Barksdale

RE: Catcher’s Throwing Camp

Dear Catchers,

Before I share with you the fastest way possible to make night and day changes in the middle of the afternoon, I want you to take a seat and prepare yourself because what I’m about to share with you goes against anything you’ve ever seen, read or heard.

It was my second year as a college recruiting coordinator…

I’d been on the road for nine straight days.  Like every other coach in the country, I was searching for a “DUDE”.  The Dude who would take the front line in the battle for a championship.  The Dude who would stand up and take charge.  I wasn’t looking for a catcher…Catcher’s are everywhere.  Every team has a catcher.

I was in search for a Field General!

  • One that could take control of our pitching staff with the leadership qualities bestowed upon 5-star Generals…
  • One that could receive the ball with hands so strong, he could deceive the umpire into calling strikes that other teams only hoped they would get…
  • One that sucked up balls in the dirt like a Hoover vacuum cleaner…
  • One that made the other coaches change their game plan because they knew they couldn’t steal against us…

But, here was my problem.

I’d found several guys that could do one or the other, but at the end of the day…

It was the stop-watch making the final decision.

Sad to say, but it’s true.

We both know that throwing isn’t everything.  In fact, I personally believe throwing is secondary to leadership and receiving, but it’s just not how the game is played, or evaluated.  Time after time, I kept seeing guys that were almost identical.

  • Some of them could throw but couldn’t receive.
  • Others could receive but couldn’t throw.


It was the Georgia heat was getting to me, after all it was close to 100 degrees that day. And let’s not forget, this was the 9th day in a row I’d been on the road recruiting and I’d spent at least 12 hours watching game after game.

My eyes were starting to cross and my thumb was experiencing Carpal Tunnel from constantly clicking the stop watch.

So, you can’t blame me for questioning what I was about to see…

I’d just gotten both teams rosters and had taken a seat as both teams were taking in and out.  I’d never seen either of the two teams on the field play and had never heard of, nor seen either catcher.

But, after the kid from “The-Middle-Of-Nowhere USA” made his second throw, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

  • He could block…
  • He could receive…
  • He could throw…

2.23 Pop Time!


Ok, I can sense you scratching your head right now, wondering why a college recruiting coach at the D1 level was impressed by a 2.23 pop time, right?

And, I don’t blame you.

But – here’s what I saw inside the 2.23 seconds that had me so excited.

  • Like so many catchers I’ve seen (and we’re talking freaking thousands of them) the 2.23 pop time catcher was SO, SO CLOSE to turning that 2.23 into 1.9 with one, teeny-tiny adjustment.
  • And I knew from personal experience that his “Pop-Time” Leak would be easy to fix.
  • All he needed to do was make one small adjustment with his back foot.

After the game was over, I had coach tell the kid to call me on my cell phone (NCAA rules…)

During the short conversation, I asked him one very important question about his mechanics.

Turns Out, The Kid Was Being Taught To “Do The Wrong Things Right”

I couldn’t believe it.  Who are we kidding, yes I could.  I see it all the time and you do too.

Long story short, the kid makes the small adjustment we discussed and the next thing you know… He signs.

Unfortunately, not with us.

He ended up committing to one of the Top 5 teams in the country that year, then he got drafted in the 8th round and turned down $200,000 to go to school.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t typical.  Heck, you don’t hear of stories like this one often, it’s probably why I can remember it like it was yesterday.

And even though, we didn’t sign the kid, it opened my eyes to the level of instruction that devastates so many “would be” college and pro catchers that never get the chance.

If only more catcher’s understood the science and technique behind “Pop-Time Leaks”, it would change the careers, even lives, of so many young men out there busting there butts, going above and beyond what is expected an asked of them.  But, they don’t.

In fact…

Since that day, I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours creating and refining my “Pop-Time Leak” System and you want to know what I’ve discovered?

There are at least 5 hidden “Pop-Time Leaks” and some of these suckers aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

Heck, most video analysis won’t even help you identify them.  What you’ve got to realize is how complex the human body really is.

It’s crazy to think…

But the smallest movement of the foot, can set off a chain reaction leading to the arm and the next thing you know…

The smallest flaw with your initial weight shift of the foot could be the difference between a 2.23 and 1.9 Pop-time!

Crazy, right?

I’ll do my best to explain but I’ve got to be careful because I don’t want information like this floating around.  Sorry, but information like this is so powerful that I can’t risk my clients losing the edge, this system gives them.

So, here are 5 of the top “Pop-Time Leaks” you desperately need to seal if you dream of reaching the next level…

  1. The feet are often the reason so many catchers reach their peak pop-time and no matter how much they throw, or train, nothing works.
  2. I call it the “STEP” – STance EPidemic.  Most guys have really bad stances now and might as well be stomping on the stopwatch before the pitcher even let’s go of the ball.
  3. The “other-half” is often the difference between 1.9 and 2.5 but it’s true… It’s the “other-half” (not the legs) that separates the men from the boys according to the stop watch.  (Hint: Your top throwers in the MLB all know how to utilize the “other-half” for snap throws)
  4. The Forced Arm Action – You’ve had coaches and instructors tell you your entire life that catchers should throw this way or that way.”  The truth is that you shouldn’t fight your natural arm action.  A lot of guys have changed their mechanics so much that they can’t even remember what their natural arm action looks like!
  5. The “Quick-Transfer” is something that most guys are taught NOT to do!  You’ll be surprised to find out that some of the top catchers do something completely different than what is usually taught by gurus!

I wish I could tell you more but I can’t and here’s why.

Information is power, but it’s only powerful when you’re the only one with the information!

I can’t tell you how many times per week I get emails and questions from concerned catchers, coaches and parent wanting to know…

  • “How do I gain arm strength?”
  • “How do I improve my foot speed?”
  • “How do I get noticed by colleges?”

And you want to know what I tell them?

Most of the time you’re better off with no instruction at all.

It’s true.

Most of the information I see available on the Internet is pretty good at teaching you to “Do the wrong things right!”

And here’s why I tell you this.

–  Until you’ve identified which “Pop-Time Leak” is holding you back, you’ll never move forward. (That’s why my algorithm for testing these invisible leaks is paramount to seeing overnight changes in the middle of the day.)

–  The body is a complex dynamic system where everything affects everything and it’s often the smallest adjustments that lead to the biggest changes.  (Best part is – You don’t have to worry about changing everything at once, make the small adjustment and let your body take care of the rest for you.)

–  The human body doesn’t know the difference between wrong and right, it only does what it’s accustomed to doing. (However, the body quickly recognizes the difference once it’s allowed to FEEL the difference… But until you can FEEL the difference, your body will fight any sort of change)

–  Most coaches focus and train the issues they see with their own eyes and fail to realize it’s what you can’t see that’s killing you.

I Don’t Believe in the ‘Cookie Cutter’ Approach.  Each Player is Coached Differently Based on Their Ability, Skill Set, Anatomy, and Athleticism

I’m not going to coach every player at camp the exact same way because each player is different.

What I am going to do is identify the areas where your son can improve the most and show him exactly how he can throw more efficiently, then leave him with a plan tailored to fit him.

Yes, there are most definitely some common things that World Class throwers have in common, but there are also plenty of things that they do differently.

These guys have adapted their throwing mechanics to best utilize their natural arm action so that they can consistently throw the ball quickly and at a high velocity.

And that’s where I come in…

My Job is To Do These 3 Things:

  1. Identify where your “Pop Time Leaks” are.
  2. Show you how to fix them.
  3. Leave you with an Action Plan.

Elite Throwing Camp

The only person you’re competing with this weekend is yourself!

This camp is for YOU if…

  • You’re not getting enough instruction from your current coaches
  • You want next level teaching from a proven coach
  • Your receiving, blocking, and leadership get overlooked because of your pop time
  • You’re frustrated that pop time is the only thing coaches and scouts evaluate
  • You aren’t receiving attention from colleges
  • You want to become an elite catcher but throwing is the #1 thing holding you back
  • You want to work with a coach who has professional and college experience
  • You know you can throw better, but don’t know the steps you need to take
  • You’re looking for drills to improve your pop time
  • You want a trained eye to break down your mechanics
  • You want the other team to fear you after watching you throw between innings
  • You want to know exactly where you can gain velocity and increase quickness
  • You want to turn heads when you throw the ball
  • You want to be the best throwing catcher at any showcase you attend
  • You dream about playing college or pro baseball but are currently getting overlooked
  • You know you’re good enough to play at the next level but throwing to 2B is your weakness
  • You want to work with a coach who specializes in training pro catchers
  • You don’t know the right things to work on to throw out more runners
  • You’re frustrated because there aren’t any “good” catching instructors in your area
  • You need to identify the flaws in your mechanics and footwork to work on them

Why Is This Camp Different?  Because I Take a Scientific Approach to Throwing

A lot of coaches are stuck in the stone ages when it comes to evaluating and developing players.  Sorry, it’s the truth.

One of the things that I do differently is use the latest technology for all of my testing and programming.

When you come to the Elite Throwing Camp we are going to scientifically identify how you can improve your throws to second base.  We’ll do that using radar guns, wearable sensors, high-speed video, and a highly trained eye.

When the weekend is over you will know more about your throwing than you ever imagined!

What Do You See When You Watch This Video?

There are at least 4 MAJOR areas where this catcher can shave time off his pop time.

My estimate is that if he improved just one of those areas he could easily take off .10′ off his pop time.

If he were to clean up multiple areas of his mechanics he could expect to realistically take of .2 – .25′ off his throw…that would probably make him a “World Class” thrower.

The crazy thing is that this guys is already a really good catcher.  But, if he were to change a few things he would be “Off-The-Charts-Freaky”!!!!

There are Only 12 Spots Available!

Yes, you read that right.  There are only 12 spots available.  Here’s why…

One of the biggest problems with most of the camps that you’ll go to is what I call “The Wal-Mart Effect.”

This is where the “coaches” try to get as many people through the doors as possible and routinely have 30, 40, or 50+ catchers at the same camp.

This makes no sense to me, and honestly, I refuse to do it.

I like keeping my camps small because:

  • I get to know your son on a first name basis
  • Your son gets to interact with me…A LOT
  • I get to spend “hands on” time with your son
  • We can create an individualized plan based on your son’s needs

There is one bad thing about limiting my camps to such a small number…

If you don’t sign up early there is a good chance that you are going to miss out.

The players that go to my camps love the 1-on-1 time that they get to spend with me and I’m not going to give that up by trying to herd players through the door like cattle…sorry, that’s just not me.

If you feel like you can go to a camp where there is 1 real catching coach and 40 catchers and actually get better then by all means, go right ahead.

This just isn’t that camp…

I enjoy working with small groups of players because I know that’s the best way for them to improve.

So, if you wait too long you will miss out on this camp.  But, if you’re one of the first 12 catchers to sign up you’re guaranteed to get hands on instruction from me, in a small setting, and I’m personally going to work with you to improve your throwing.

Testimonials from Parents like You!

If you are unsure if the Elite Throwing Camp is for you, or your son, watch this video and listen to what parents just like you have to say.

Wally Miller is the father of a 15 year old catcher from Southern Indiana and he recommends the Elite Throwing Camp for catchers any parent who is on the fence.  “I’ve noticed he spends a lot of time saying ‘we’ and not ‘you guys’…he really relates to the players.”

Jennifer Erickson is the mother of a 16 year old catcher from Tuscola, IL and she was thrilled with her son’s camp experience.  She said “I thought the interaction between Xan and the players was phenomenal.  I think that he is spot-on for working with youth, as well as high school kids.  He did a great job communicating…just a phenomenal coach.”

Have Questions about the Elite Throwing Camp?

What to Expect


Throwing Theory

Camp begins with an INTENSE session on throwing theory. I'm a firm believer that in order to be really successful you must be knowledgable. This is much more than an introduction, it's a complete A to Z guide on how to be a better throwing catcher. This sets the foundation for everything else you will learn from the Elite Throwing Camp.


Speed Up Footwork

Not only do I teach you proper footwork, but I also show you drills and exercises to make your footwork quicker...which is what you really want! Once you master the proper footwork the goal is to get faster. This lesson teaches you exactly what you should be doing, and also how to improve your foot speed.


Clean Up Arm Action

As a catcher, our job is to release the ball as quickly as possible when a runner is attempting to steal. A short, clean, arm action is necessary to have an efficient release and this is exactly what most young catchers struggle with. You will learn in depth what great throwers do from the time the ball hits their mitt until it leaves their hand.


Improve Accuracy

"Nobody steals Center Field!" It doesn't matter if you throw a 1.7 if you can't make accurate throws you will never get any playing time, throw anyone out, or get recruited. Accuracy could be the most important piece of the puzzle, but most coaches fail to properly teach catchers how to become more accurate throwers.


Increase Arm Strength

The guys who are world class throwers do two things: they get rid of the ball very quickly, and they throw it hard! The Arm Strength section of camp teach you what it takes to gain arm strength, how often to long toss, and teaches other drills that help you throw the ball with more velocity.


MLB Video Review

I don't just talk about what being a "Next Level" thrower does...I show you! We will break down some of the best MLB catchers throwing mechanics and patterns and learn from what they do right...and also what some of them do wrong! You're going to be really surprised about what is actually going on when some of your favorite catchers throw the ball to second base!

After thousands of requests,
I am finally coming to you!

When I announce the date and location of an Elite Throwing Camp it sells out in less than 30 minutes.

I only work with very small groups because campers get more attention, better instruction, and 1-on-1 time with me ensures that I know your son’s name, his strengths and weaknesses, and I can really help him get better!

There’s only one problem…

I’ve got a waiting list of over 1,000 catchers who want to attend an Elite Throwing Camp!

Parents have requested me to hold camps in over 200 cities and 3 countries.  I wish I could go to all of them, but that would be physically impossible…it would take over 4 years of having a camp every weekend!  And, the list is still growing!

Because I can’t go to all of you, I’ve found a way to let you come to me.

The Elite Throwing Camp Online gives you access to videos of me teaching the lessons, showing you the drills, and giving you the blueprint to become an Elite Throwing Catcher.

Now, you can attend an Elite Throwing Camp without traveling across the country!


Have Questions about the Elite Throwing Camp?

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