Xan Barksdale LouisvilleCatching is, without a doubt, the most under-coached position in baseball and it's almost impossible to find a qualified catching coach or instructor.  Most people who work with catchers either never caught or didn't catch beyond high school.  Let's face it, there just isn't much good information out there for catchers, or dads, who want to help their catchers reach their full potential! 

Until now, there has really only been one good book written about catching...and I wrote it!

If you are lucky enough to have a good catching instructor in your area they probably charge an arm and a leg for private instruction.  Most of the qualified instructors charge $75/hour and they want you to come back at least once each week.  That gets expensive in a hurry!

And how do you really know that this "expert" you've hired really knows what he's talking about?  Is his goal really to help you, or your son, reach his full potential, or is it to keep you coming back paying him $75 each week!?

I loved catching when I was a college and professional player, and now I love coaching catchers as an NCAA Division I coach.  However, I get extremely frustrated when I see that...

There is a gigantic lack of high quality information about the most important position on the baseball field...the catcher!

That's why I have devoted all my time into sharing my knowledge with catchers, coaches, and parents who want to learn more about catching.

I wrote the Amazon Best Selling book Catching-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers, have helped more than 1 Million people with my instructional YouTube series...

wrote 2 other books about proper strength training and nutrition for baseball players, wrote a book teaching catchers how to become better at calling pitches, and now am releasing a DVD that I'm most proud of!

Catching-101: The DVD includes over 3.5 hours of HD video instruction and is guaranteed to make you a better catcher or coach.

I guarantee that it is the best DVD available for anyone who wants to learn more about catching.

I have taken the knowledge that I've gained over the last

25 years of catching, and coaching catchers

and put it into one DVD that will help catchers, parents, and coaches at all levels.  In this DVD I start with the most basic aspects of catching and also go deep into catching theory.

Xan Barksdale BravesI, literally, wrote the book on catching with my bestselling book Catching-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers.  However, I understand that...

Some people are visual learners and would prefer to watch me teach players about catching and that's why I'm finally releasing the highly anticipated Catching-101: The DVD.

Over the past 5 years players and parents have begged me to release a comprehensive catching DVD, but I haven't been able to because of my busy coaching schedule.  Well, it's finally here and I couldn't be more excited about it!  This DVD is going to allow me share my knowledge and information with every young catcher who wants to learn more about the hardest position on the baseball field!

Catching-101: The DVD is 3.5 hours long and filmed with 6 HD video cameras.

There are very few DVDs about catching, and far less (if any!) that are any good.  Most of these "Catching DVDs" are 30-40 minutes long and cost more than $1/minute.  Catching is the most highly technical, and complicated, position on the baseball field.  So how do these so-called "experts" teach you everything you need to know in 30 minutes?  The answer is...they don't!

In Catching-101: The DVD I'm going to go over everything that you need to know about catching.  I'm going to share with you the things that I've learned over my college and professional playing career, and my 8 years coaching NCAA Division I college baseball at the University of Louisville and East Tennessee State University.

- Coach Xan Barksdale

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I've been an NCAA Division I college coach for almost a decade and one of the most important things a coach can understand is that no two players learn the exact same way.  Some learn by listening, some learn by watching, and some learn by doing.  That's why I've decided to think "outside the box" for this DVD and give you a little bit of everything.  This is the first, and only, instructional DVD that includes a video camera on a player so that the viewer gets the exact same experience as if he were attending one of Coach Xan

Barksdale’s catching camps in person!  It's called #CatcherCam and it gives you a view like you've never seen before.  You don't have to be a spectator anymore and get the outside view looking in.  The #CatcherCam allows you to get the look and feel of having Coach Xan Barksdale teach you catching...personally!  This is a revolutionary new method of coaching players, and don't forget where you saw it first!  Click the "Play Button" on the video above to see the #CatcherCam in action!

What is in the Catching-101 DVD?


This DVD isn't about me...it's about you! So, before we get too deep into the mechanics and techniques of catching I want you to understand what it takes to become a successful catcher and why I'm qualified to be your coach. I will briefly share my experience as an NCAA Division I baseball coach, professional player, and college player with you. The intro will be short and sweet and then we'll get right into the instruction!


A lot of youth catchers wear equipment that fits incorrectly and leaves them exposed and at risk for injury. I'm going to talk about each piece of equipment that catchers need, demonstrate how they should properly fit, and then give recommendations about which brands and styles I prefer.

Knowing the Field

Your preparation before the game can often dictate how much success you have after the umpire yells 'Play Ball!' Catchers need to know all the variables of the environment including: wind direction/speed, speed of the grass, quality of the lights, and amount of foul territory just to name a few! I'll give you a checklist to go over before each game so that you don't get caught off guard during a big situation.


One of the fundamentals that often gets overlooked is having proper stances. There is no excuse to have a poor stance! Not being in the proper position makes it difficult to receive, block, throw, and quickly move to field bunted balls or back up first base. I'm going to show you how to get into each of the three stances (signal, primary, secondary) properly.


Receiving the ball well is the 'unsung hero' of all our catching skills. It often doesn't get noticed unless someone with a trained eye is paying close attention, but it's quite possibly the most important thing we do! I'm going to teach you the correct way to receive the baseball so that we get more strikes for our pitcher.


One of the most important jobs catchers have is to block baseballs thrown in the dirt. Catchers who do a good job blocking balls in the dirt help their teams win by stopping runners from advancing bases, keeping double plays in order, and giving their pitchers confidence on the mound. I'm going to teach you how to block any baseball thrown in the dirt during this segment of the DVD.

Throwing to Bases

The easiest way to get noticed by a college coach or professional scout is to throw a runner out who is attempting to steal second base. I'm going to show you the proper footwork to throw to first, second, and third base so that you have a greater chance of picking off base runners and throwing out more base stealers.

Plays at the Plate

Plays at the plate are the most exciting plays in all of baseball...they're also the most dangerous if you don't use the proper technique! I will show you how to properly execute tag plays and force plays at the plate so that you minimize the possibility of getting injured and maximize the chance of getting the runner out.

Pop Flies

To the spectators and the fans a catcher pop fly looks like one of the easiest plays in baseball. The ball goes straight up and comes straight back down, right? Wrong! Catcher pop flies can be difficult if you don't know the correct technique. I'm going to show you exactly how to put yourself into position to catch every ball that goes in the air.

Fielding Bunts

Fielding bunts correctly is one of the most important things we can do on defense. Why? Because opposing teams only bunt in close games and in big situations. If you have to field a bunt it's usually in a crucial situation in the game when the score is close and the winning or tying run is on base. I will show you exactly how to field balls bunted to all parts of the field.

Retrieving Pass Balls/Wild Pitches

Hopefully, we do a great job receiving and blocking and there aren't many passed balls or wild pitches! However, mistakes happen and a ball is going to get to the backstop every once in a while. Knowing how to field them properly can help keep a runner from scoring from 3B!

Pitchouts and Intentional Walks

Catchers rarely (if ever!) practice Pitchouts and Intentional Walks, but are expected to know what to do in a game, and execute it properly. In this segment we're going to cover these two areas so that catchers know exactly how to handle each situation.

Reach your FULL POTENTIAL when you have...

  • Proper Mechanics and Technique

    I am currently a college coach, and ex-professional player.  I have been where you want to be and in this 3.5 hour DVD I teach you the proper mechanics and technique for every aspect of catching.

  • 3.5 Hours of Instruction

    This DVD is different because it is packed with information.  Watch Coach Barksdale teach you all you need to know about catching throughout this 3.5 hour long instructional course.

  • #1 Rated Catching Coach

    Coach Xan Barksdale is one of the most world reknown catching coaches.  He is author of a best selling book and helped over 1,126,056 people all over the world with his YouTube videos.

Check out what coaches are saying about the Catching-101 DVD...

Xan is one of the most innovative coaches in our profession.  His work with the catchers in our program has been top notch.  This video is a must see for catchers of all ages who are serious about improving their defense.  Catcher has always been a difficult position to play well, but in this video Xan's ability to clearly explain the intricacies of the position make it a video you have to own.

Tony Skole
Tony Skole East Tennessee State University

Xan Barksdale has experience as a catcher at the high school level, junior college, Division I, and professional baseball along with being a Division I coach that gives him a foundation to help catchers at all different levels.  He is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative catching coaches in the country.  I have always admired his passion to help catchers and coaches improve in the game of baseball.

Dan McDonnell
Dan McDonnell University of Louisville

As a pitching coach, your catchers make or break your pitching staff, period!  I can only wish that I had access to Xan Barksdale's information years ago.  This guy is at the forefront of catching instruction and brings to light points of discussion that I have never heard nor would I have never even considered.  His knowledge and passion for catching is unmatched and he is a master communicator!  The fastest track to college or pro baseball is behind the dish and the best catchers are not the best athletes, they are the most skilled.  Whenever you combine the wealth of knowledge and expertise with communication and passion, you have the perfect storm for success and development.  Without question, Xan Barksdale will put you on the fast track to the most highly sought after, crucial position on the field with cutting-edge information that I never found while coaching 8 years at the Division 1 Level, incredible stuff!

Lantz Wheeler
Lantz Wheeler Baseball Thinktank

Xan is one of the most innovative and dedicated coaches in the country.  His knowledge and attention to detail of the catching position is unparalleled.  This DVD addresses many catching skill sets and is a valuable resource to catchers of all ages and their parents.

Joe Pennucci
Joe Pennucci Stony Brook

Xan is one of the most passionate and innovative catching experts in baseball.  His comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of the catching position is beneficial to any beginner or experienced player wanting to improve their skill set behind the dish.

Andrew See
Andrew See Duke

As a former teammate of Coach Barksdale, I can honestly say that he is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to catching.  His passion has aided him in becoming one of the leaders in the coaching industry in regards to knowledge of the catching position.

Stephen Waggener
Stephen Waggener Delta State University

When it comes to teaching catching, Xan Barksdale is the best in the business. If you have not already seen his Catching 101 YouTube videos, you are missing out. As a former professional catcher and teammate of Coach Barksdale,  I know first hand how obsessed he is with providing the best current information on the market in a simple format—one that is easy to understand, teach as coaches, and implement as a player. If you are looking for the most comprehensive catching DVD on the market, look no further!  Xan Barksdale's Catching-101 is a '1.8.'

Jon Shehan
Jon Shehan Millersville University

When you talk about catching, you have to talk about Xan Barksdale.  His determination, knowledge, and passion for catching makes him one of the elite coaches for that position.  If you want to improve your skills and knowledge behind the plate the Catching-101 DVD is a NO BRAINER!

JD Heilman
JD Heilman Cincinnati

Xan is very knowledgable and passionate about catching.  Among college coaches, he is regarded as one of the best catching guys in the game.

Bryan Prince
Bryan Prince Georgia Tech

MLB Scouts Recommend the Catching-101 DVD!

Scott Corman Scott Corman, Colorado Rockies

Xan is one of the best catching instructors in the Southeast.  His knowledge and passion for the position are second to none.  I highly recommend the Catching-101 DVD if you are serious about learning and improving your skills behind the plate.

Michael Clark Michael Clark, San Diego Padres

Great stuff!  I recommend anything Xan is teaching for catchers!

Want to hear from Coach Xan's former players?  Here you go!

Xan has a wealth of experience at the collegiate and professional levels.  His coaching isn't only aimed at getting you to the level you aspire to reach, but to be a winner at that level as well.  What separates Coach Xan from the pack of college coaches is his willingness to share information and reach as many people as possible.  Regardless of age, or level of personal experience, Coach Xan's instruction will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your game behind the plate.  I know that I would not still be chasing my dream of playing in the Major Leagues if I did not have Coach Xan's influence along the way.

Jeff Arnold
Jeff Arnold San Francisco Giants

Coach Xan gives you the best knowledge and insight every catcher needs to know.  If you want to become the best catcher you need to follow his simple training steps that top catchers use everyday.  He helped me become the best catcher I could possibly be and get drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

JJ Ethel
JJ Ethel Los Angeles Dodgers

You know you're around a great caliber of coach when you go to different baseball fields around the country and people ask you about your coach (Coach Barksdale).  These are the times I realized that I was under the coaching instruction of one of the top catching coaches in the country. Xan's knowledge of the game makes you a better player and also gives everyone around him a better advantage of winning!

Mason Hershey
Mason Hershey East Tennessee State University

Coach Xan has knowledge about, and passion for coaching catchers.  It was a privilege playing for him.  I undoubtedly got better working with him!

Skylar Barnett
Skylar Barnett Austin Peay State University

As a former player for Coach Barksdale, and now a fellow coach, his enthusiasm for teaching the game of baseball (specifically catchers) is unmatched.  He has a wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching that reaches players and coaches of all levels.  His passion to teach catching is rivaled only by his urgency to obtain new information and justify his techniques and philosophies.  The Catching-101 DVD and Book combo is a must own for any player or coach's library.  I recommend them both to all of my players.

Justin Haywood
Justin Haywood Team USA Bullpen Catcher

Coach Barksdale had a huge influence on not only myself ,but my catching career.  The energy he brought everyday to coach the catchers made me love the position even more.  Now as a coach for the University of Louisville I use the same techniques that I learned as a player with my catchers today.  The book Catching-101 has been a great tool for me to use as a guide for how I want to teach my catchers.  I would say that the Catching-101 DVD/Book combo is great for any upcoming DI catcher out there.

Kyle Cheesebrough
Kyle Cheesebrough University of Louisville

Coach Xan is a great catching coach.  He makes catching fun and at the same time gets the most out of every catcher.  Catching is so instrumental in building a championship team and Coach Xan holds players to a higher standard with every detail being put under a microscope, the way it should be!

Derrick Alfonso
Derrick Alfonso Milwaulkee Brewers

Want to see more of what's inside the 3.5 hour DVD?

Have questions about the Catching-101 DVD with Xan Barksdale?

  • Q.How long is this DVD?

    A.The Catching-101 DVD run time is approximately 3 hours 37 minutes and contains footage of Coach Xan Barksdale explaining catching mechanics and techniques along with drills for players to do at home.

  • Q.Is the video HD?

    A.Yes!  A professional film crew was used to film this DVD and they used state of the art cameras that capture HD video.  This makes the viewing experience much more pleasurable and ensures that the viewer has a clear understanding of the topics Coach Xan explains.

  • Q.Who is Coach Xan Barksdale?

    A.Xan Barksdale is one of the most influential catching coaches in the world.  He played professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves, authored the best selling book Catching-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers, is currently an NCAA DI college coach, and has helped countless catchers around the world with his instructional YouTube videos that have been viewed over 1 million times.

  • Q.What are the topics covered in the Catching-101 DVD?

    A.Every topic that you will need to know about as a catcher is covered in this DVD, including: stances, receiving, throwing, blocking, fielding bunts, catching fly balls, retrieving passed balls and wild pitches, plays at home plate, and more.

  • Q.Who can benefit from watching Coach Xan's DVD?

    A.There is information in this DVD that will help anyone who wants to learn more about catching.  Players of all ages, parents, and coaches will find useful and applicable information in this 3.5 hour long DVD.

  • Q.How much does the Catching-101 DVD cost?

    A.The cost of this DVD is currently $97, but will rise to the regular price of $300 soon.  Coach Xan charges $250 for camps that cover the exact same material, and $75/hour for an individual private lesson.

How do I get it?

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About Coach Xan Barksdale...

  • Played professionally for Atlanta Braves
  • NCAA Division I College Coach for almost a decade
  • Amazon Best Selling Author of Catching-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers
  • Has helped over 1 Million players with his YouTube instructional videos
  • Guest Speaker at 2011 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Nashville, TN
  • Guest Speaker at 2011 BaseballCon Convention in Louisville, KY
  • Guest Speaker at 2013 Pitch-A-Palooza in Nashville, TN
  • Author of Strength Training for Youth Athletes
  • Author of Big League Nutrition
  • Developed Catcher's Performance Summary iPhone app
  • Developed the Catcher's Thumb
  • Author of Calling Pitches