Throwing Mechanics to Second Base DVD

I have just finished the DVD presentation of Throwing Mechanics to Second Base. It is the most comprehensive guide to throwing runners out at second base there is…there is even a lot of information that isn’t in my book, Catching-101!

The difference in 1.8 seconds and 2.0 seconds could be a million dollar signing bonus! That’s how small the difference is between MLB All-Star catchers and average HS catchers…two tenths of a second!

One of the few times that catchers get noticed is when they gun down a runner trying to steal second base. This is how college coaches and professional scouts decide if they want to sign you to a scholarship or professional contract. So if you want to make yourself standout you’re going to need to consistently make quality throws to second base.

If you want to throw out more base stealers this is the DVD for you! You will reduce your pop time by learning the proper mechanics and creating a more efficient throwing motion in this comprehensive presentation.

The DVD presentation is approx. 50 minutes long and covers every aspect of throwing out more runners.

It’s on sale now and will be $24.99 for a limited time.

Buy DVD!